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Necessary items to bring with you in person for

Pre-Employment Screening/ Pre-Boarding:

   Requirements :

  • CNA Certification or LPN License

  • CPR / BLS Certification

  • 2 Authorized Forms of Identification (see below):

  • ID list A (Ex: US Passport or Card, Permanent Resident Card, Employment Authorization Document Form I-766 that contains a photograph, Foreign passport with temporary I-551 stamp) OR

  • ID list B (Ex: Driver’s License or ID Card issued by a State, Voter’s registration Card, School ID card with a photograph, US military card)

  • AND 1 ID from list C (Ex: Social Security Account Number Card, original or certified copy of birth certificate issued by a State, county, or territory of the US bearing an official seal, US Citizen ID card)

  • Auto Insurance Card

  • Influenza Vaccine Record

  • Vaccination (Shot) Records (MMR2 and Varicella or verification of previous infection of chicken pox)

  • TB skin test results

  • For Necessary Paperwork, please be prepared with:

    • Personal Information (Address, Home and Cell Phone numbers, SSN, DOB, email address)

    • Prior Work Experience (Employer, Address, Telephone, Job Title, Dates of Employment, Pay, Reason for Leaving, Supervisor’s Name)

    • Education (Name of, Location, Last Year Completed, Degree, Major or Emphasis)

    • Personal References (3 References: Name, Address, Telephone contact numbers)

    • Emergency Contact Information ( Name, Address, Phone numbers, relationship, email address, spouse’s employer and work phone number)

    • Dependent Information (Name and relationship)

    • Payroll Setup (Name of Bank, Account #, 9-Digit Routing #)

    • For Background check: (Full/ Complete Name, Other names used/maiden name and dates used, Current Address, List of all Addresses for past 7 years and dates, Driver’s License # and State issued, ever convicted of any crime, and if yes explanation with charge, dates, details)

    • For Drug Screen (list of medications currently taking, including PRN medications and herbals, and must bring prescription bottle/ Rx if there is any claim of a false negative.)

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