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Meet some of our employees

(What it's like working for Zinnia)

man 7

“I've been employed with Zinnia Wellness for about 5 years. The office staff have always been great to work with, and I really like the online scheduling, it allows me to pick up extra shifts whenever I want. It's a pleasure to work for Zinnia!”

Sam Tollett, LPN

woman 5

“I have worked for a number of agencies, and honestly I've just been so impressed with both the professionalism and care that Zinnia staff have shown me. If you’re looking for a place that cares, they’re the ones to go to!”

Christy Singleton, CNA

woman 9

“Zinnia Wellness staff have always treated me with respect and appreciation. They've been responsive to any needs I've had, and they accommodated my schedule when I went back to school. I love working for Zinnia Wellness!”

Mandy Smith, LPN

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