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CNA openings


  • Carthage CNA- Monday-Friday 8a-1p

  • Cookeville CNA- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12p-5p

  • Cookeville CNA- Saturday 7p-7a & Sunday 7a-7p

  • Cookeville CNA- 6 hrs, 2 days a week

  • McMinnville CNA- Every other Friday and Saturday D/N

  • McMinnville CNA- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7p-7a

  • McMinnville CNA- Monday-Friday 3p-11p

  • McMinnville CNA- Monday-Friday 11p-7a

  • McMinnville CNA- Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 4p-8p PRN

  • McMinnville CNA-  Monday- Friday 2p-6p

  • McMinnville CNA- Monday-Thursday 26 hours (school hours)

  • McMinnville CNA- Friday 6a-6p, Saturday and Sunday 9a-5p

  • Rock Island CNA- Monday-Friday 4p-10p

  • Rock Island CNA- Night Shift 10 hrs a week

  • Rock Island CNA- 35 hours a week, 2nd Shift

  • Smithville CNA- Monday-Friday 10a-4p Sat. 10a-3p

  • Smithville CNA- 40 hours a week (Dayshift)

  • Sparta CNA- Sunday-Wednesday *Night Shift

  • Winchester CNA- All shifts available


LPN openings


  • Cookeville LPN- Saturday 7p-7a & 7a-7p

  • McMinnville LPN- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 6a-4p

  • McMinnville LPN- All week 3p-11p, 11p-7a

  • McMinnville LPN- Saturday and Sunday 7a-7p

  • McMinnville LPN- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 7p-7a

  • McMinnville LPN- Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8p-6a

  • Rock Island LPN- Friday, Saturday and Sunday 8a-4p

  • Winchester LPN- All shifts available*


RN openings


  • Cookeville RN- Saturday 7p-7a & Sunday 7a-7p


Caregiver openings


  • McMinnville- All week 3p-11p, 11p-7a

  • Pikeville- All Shifts Available


Pending CNA Cases (soon to be opening)


  • Cookeville- 35-40 hrs (4 separate cases)

  • Crossville- Afternoons/ Weekends

  • Hilham- 35 hrs wk

  • Jamestown- 20 hrs wk

  • Lebanon- 85 hrs a week *Skilled*

  • Lebanon- 50 hrs a week *Skilled*

  • Livingston- 35 hrs a wk


Also other fill-in LPN PRN positions are available in the following areas:






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